IT Service Benchmarking

Solution Brief

3MC’s IT Service Benchmarking Advisory Service provides a clear and factual comparison of IT spending, service delivery, employee and customer satisfaction. Leadership can use these benchmarks to shape future strategic plans and tactical changes to become more competitive in the increasingly disruptive IT service delivery space.

Our exercise starts with gathering internal data using our artificial intelligence- based tool and comparing it to our deep database gathered from both industry research and our past client experiences. We measure across every important geography, spending category and service being delivered. Our analysis provides insight based on the results of our comparisons, with highlights for both short and longer-term value improvement. We quantify the impacts of these potential improvements.


The IT Service Benchmarking Assessment evaluates all aspects of service performance, including service delivery, financial and customer satisfaction:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders using AI-based collection tool
  • Internal Spend, KPI, Associate Skill and Customer Satisfaction collected and loaded into 3MC Benchmark Analyzer
  • Review of supplier contracts, licenses and subscriptions
  • Analysis with comparable organizations, geographies, industries, and segments
  • Review Analysis Results and Adjustments / Clarifications
  • Recommendation Presentation creation
  • Recommendations Presented to Stakeholders

Key Outcomes and Deliverables

  • Baseline of current spending, service levels, associate and customer satisfaction
  • Benchmarking of Spend, service delivery, associate and customer satisfaction with comparative analysis by:
    • Industry
    • Best Practice and Quartile Performance o Geography
    • Service
    • Time Trending
  • Review and Adjustments / Clarifications to the report
  • Final Report with insights and recommended actions