IT Cost Assessment

Solution Brief

3MC Advisory’s IT Cost Assessment provides a clear and factual report of IT spend and service delivery that can be used to objectively analyze impact of new technologies, cloud migrations, cost reductions, reorganizations and continuous process improvement initiatives.

3MC Advisory analyzes and profiles the IT capital, expense and depreciation costs and balance them against the services delivered based on our comprehensive top- down and bottoms-up data capture methodology.

We create a scenario-based financial model to evaluate the current state spend and service performance against industry and market peers. We provide insight beyond pure cost and evaluate the value to the organization and your customers.


The IT Cost Assessment evaluates all aspects of service performance, including service delivery, financial and customer satisfaction:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • People and Organization
  • Processes and KPI’s
  • Infrastructure and Applications
  • Suppliers, Contracts, Licenses and Subscriptions
  • Focus areas:
    • IT Holistic
    • End User Services
    • Infrastructure Services
    • Network Services
    • Security Services
    • Solution Delivery

This evaluation will provide the source for our recommendations and road map

Key Outcomes and Deliverables

  • Baseline of current spending and service level compliance
  • Spend and service delivery analysis by:
    • Category
    • Function
    • Service Provider
  • Comparison to market peers
  • Scenario based model to evaluate improvement options with complete ROI and improvement impact
  • Recommended path forward and implementation road map