ERP Selection Advisory

Solution Brief

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud-based solutions, long promised and not fulfilled, are finally emerging as viable alternatives. Tier 1 Suppliers, who for years positioned a hosted instance of their base application as a “cloud offering” are finally offering a true SaaS offering. SAP S4 Cloud for HANA, Oracle Fusion, Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics have delivered real alternatives to traditional on- premise or hosted instances. These solutions provide an acceptable alternative for enterprises looking to consolidate and/or standardize their ERP instances across the globe while reducing costs.

3MC Advisory’s ERP Selection Advisory is a fact-based approach to selecting an ERP system. From requirements through risk identification, integration and cost analysis, 3MC Advisory can lead you through an evaluation and selection in 8 weeks or less by conducting focused process owner interviews and collecting data to enable a thorough analysis of the current and future state. We lead you through a structured evaluation of the options by leveraging our experience and best practices that align to your business strategy.


3MC Advisory can engage at any stage of the ERP selection lifecycle:

  • ERP Initial Assessment and Alternative Analysis
  • ERP Selection with supplier RFP, Demonstrations, Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Implementation
  • Post-Implementation Improvements
  • Ongoing Production Services

Key Outcomes and Deliverables

Depending on the stage 3MC Advisory is engaged, deliverables may vary, but all engagements include:

  • An ERP selection process with clear ownership, commitment and alignment from all areas of the business;
  • Information request processes that address functional, architectural, security, and technical requirements;
  • Identification core process gaps/bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement
  • A rigorous supplier review process, with identified benefits and risks
  • A disciplined request, demonstration and negotiation process focused on providing the best fit for the client at the best price
  • Validate terms & conditions and cost. Our negotiations usually save our clients 40% or more over initial supplier discounting
  • Validate financial business case
  • Validate proposed Systems Integrator / Implementation scope, responsibilities and cost
  • Validate proposed implementation plan

3MC also offers ERP services in Global Instance Consolidation, Upgrades and Migrations, and Contract Negotiations.